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Company excursion Europa-Park 2019

This year we were invited from createch ag to a two-day company excursion together with our families. The destination of our trip was the Europa-Park in Rust.

During a hectic working week there is often little time for personal discussions with colleagues and yet good teamwork is important.

At the end of last week we were invited by createch ag to spend two days together with our families in the Europa-Park in Rust as a balance to our daily work.

This gave us the opportunity for a cosy get-together in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course there was also a lot of entertainment and thrill on the various facilities of the Europa-Park.

In wonderful weather all participants enjoyed our best organized excursion to the fullest. We, the team of createch ag and all family members, would like to thank the owner family Affentranger for these two wonderful days which we experienced together.

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