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Entry as a trainee

Poly-mechanic - the foundation of your future

Training as a polytechnician gives you a wide range of skills - with this qualification all doors are open to you for the future.

During your apprenticeship as a polytechnician at createch ag in Langenthal you will enjoy a modern education and obtain a wide-ranging vocational perspective.

In the development and manufacture of new jigs, fixtures and dies, manipulators and machine parts for our laser systems you can input your ideas and so active contribute to the success of our company.

You will be supported and encouraged by our instructors and craftsmen and in addition you will benefit from the experiences of the other apprentices.

What will distinguish you:

  • You have top motivation to take the step into a vocational life
  • You can work on your own initiative and also as part of a team
  • You enjoy working with a wide range of different materials

Would you like to become a poly-mechanic on our range of modern machine tools? We would be happy to organise a three-day work experience course for you in our factory.

Vacancies for apprentices

  1. Currently, our vacancies are only published in German. Thank you for your understanding.

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Adrian Hächler

Apprentice Training Supervisor

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Adrian Hächler

Adrian Hächler


Vocational information day BiT20

Vocational information day BiT20

On Wednesday, 28 October 2020, the BiT20 vocational information day took place.

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