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Last mission of the Ariane 5

🚀 The Ariane 5 has successfully completed its last mission into space. This launch vehicle marked the beginning of createch ag's space adventure in 2007.

For a long time, our attenuator tubes for the Ariane 5, with a length of over 18m, were also the largest components produced by us, until they were finally replaced in 2020 by the 21m-long attenuator tubes of the Vulkan launch vehicle from ULA.

But the space adventure is far from over for us, as our attenuator tubes are currently also being used in the Vega and Atlas launch vehicles. In addition, the new generations of launch vehicles with our components, the Vulkan and the Ariane 6, are already on the way.

So we are looking forward to many space missions in the future in which we will participate 🛰️🌟.


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