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Laser marking

Individual texts and logos can be applied within seconds on any surface

Whether you wish to apply your logo to a component, to decorate it with a design, to apply a QR code for traceability: Laser marking is the perfect technique for this.

Daily Business:
For laser marking the laser beam moves across the workpiece at high speed, directed by moveable mirrors. In a few seconds this creates any desired water-resistant and abrasion-resistant text marking or logo. Laser marking can even by applied to three-dimensional workpiece profiles.

Field of application:

  • Markings for the traceability of workpieces (for instance in medical equipment),
  • Markings of buttons, connectors, switches, dials etc. or
  • presents with individual inscriptions or graphics.

The advantages to you:

  1. Expertise for medical components
  2. Black marking
  3. Innovative solutions for special components
  4. Over-length components (even round components) can be machined
  5. Virtually any material can be machined

Andrea Sapora

Manager Scheduling / Sales / Production Planning

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Andrea Sapora

Andrea Sapora