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Laser structuring

Very delicate structures are exactly reproducible

Laser structuring is becoming ever more important in industry. Textures can be designed individually, can be reproduced exactly and can be applied to any three-dimensional component.

Daily Business:
The field of application for laser structuring is very wide; it satisfies both functional and purely aesthetic purposes.

In the jewellery and watchmaking industry the purpose is often to produce laser structured surfaces with structures as fine and homogeneous as possible. Because of its reproducibility and exact positioning, it supersedes bead blasting technology.

In contrast, in the automobile industry, medical equipment and in aerospace it is the functional purpose of laser structuring that predominates. Surface structuring optimises the force transmission of contact faces. For dental implants, laser structuring is used to selectively increase the surface roughness so as to ensure the jawbone will better grow into it.

Field of application:
Thanks to the variety of types of lasers and laser wavelengths, all kinds of metals, sapphire glass, mother-of-pearl, ceramic materials and a wide range of of plastics and high-tech materials such as carbon can be processed in this way.

The advantages to you:

  1. The most modern types of laser (picosecond lasers and femtosecond lasers)
  2. Wavelengths IR, SHG and UV
  3. 8-axis systems (3D optical + 3D mechanical)
  4. Very high process reliability
  5. Virtually any material can be machined

Andrea Sapora

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Andrea Sapora

Andrea Sapora