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Laser welding

These joints are permanent

For laser welding the heat that is injected into the workpiece is metered and the injection period is reduced to a few thousandths of a second. This results in welded components that are stress-free, suitable for bearing mechanical loads, and visually perfect in appearance. Reworking of the weld seam is generally not necessary.

Daily Business:
After laser cutting, laser welding is the most frequently used laser application. It offers impressive reproducibility and process reliability.

Pulse formation:
By means of pulsation, the intensity and energy input of the melting dynamic can be adjusted. Factors such as the heating of the surface, the start of welding, the geometry of the melt bath and a optimised cooling phase are different for every material and are dictated by the shape of the individual laser pulse.

Laser welding in the clean room:
For applications with higher cleanliness requirements, we have clean room cells available, which offer clean room classes to ISO 6 / ISO 7. We offer additional operations such as assembly, testing, vacuuming and packaging under clean room conditions are validated processes performed by trained employees.

Field of application:
Lasers are used primarily to weld metallic materials. When doing this, the basic technical and metallurgical principles of welding must be complied with. Most steels can be laserwelded free of cracks and with high strength, provided the carbon content does not exceed a maximum of 0.2 percent. Titanium, tantalum, nickel, copper/tin, nickel/beryllium, iron/nickel alloys and pure aluminium can also be welded. Materials that do not lie within the metallurgical limits can also be welded by infeeding filler materials. This link will take you to filler infeed welding.

The advantages to you:

  1. Low distortion
  2. Small thermal influence zone
  3. Narrow seam geometry
  4. Oxide-free weld seams
  5. Aesthetic weld seams of superior quality
  6. Crack-free and pore-free joints

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Andrea Sapora

Andrea Sapora