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Actuators in aerospace

Laser-welded gear pinions for drive elements for the aerospace sector

The aerospace sector uses actuators to control many applications. These drive elements receive electrical signals which they then convert into mechanical or physical movements.

Laser-welded electromechanical actuators are used in aircraft for primary and secondary aircraft control systems. They perform several functions. One of our core competences - laser welding with filler material - are optimally suited to satisfying the high safety requirements of the aerospace sector.

We weld gear wheels to drive shafts which perform the mechanical movements required for controlling the aircraft. Our laser welded seams are tested intensively. Before they can leave the production area, all production steps and production data are recorded. Our test methods include

  • Torque tests,
  • tension-compression tests,
  • metallurgical metallographic samples,
  • helium leaktightness tests or
  • optical crack detection tests

With optimum laser parameters and our expertise we help to make flying even safer.