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Vocational information day BiT19

On Wednesday, 30 October 2019, the BiT19 vocational information day took place. During a half-day tour of the company, young people in the 7th grade got to know the profession of a polymechanic EFZ.

As part of BiT19, 4 boys and 1 girl visited createch ag. The aim was to get to know the profession of a polymechanic EFZ for the first time and to gain an insight into everyday working life.

Supervised by our apprentices in their second and third year, the young people produced a special cube, which they were allowed to mark individually with the laser at the end. During the production of the cube they got to know various processes, from manual work with a rasp to conventional drilling to complex, fully automated CNC machining on our laser machines.

We wish every success to the young people in their choice of profession and would be delighted to be able to contribute to this with an exciting trial apprenticeship.

We are looking forward to welcoming young people again next year as part of BiT 2020.

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